Refugee Crisis! - Buy a signed print to help the refugees!

As many of you are aware,Paul Hill and I spent 5 weeks volunteering in Greece, helping out in a very small way with the refugee crisis. Thanks to the support of many generous donations we were able to fund our trip as well as buy essential supplies for refugees while we were there. These included, tents, shoes, gloves and hats, underwear, food, and some cash donations including €500 for emergency relief at the Idomeni camp.

It was a challenging and heartbreaking experience for us both, and now that we have returned we want to continue to support the refugees in whatever way we can.

If you are interested in reading about our time there you may want to look at the blogs we wrote - Maria & Paul

What we can do!

While Paul and I were in Greece we spent time with several voluntary groups that were doing outstanding work. And so we would like to use the photographs that we made while we were there, to raise funds to support the incredible work done by these volunteers. We have chosen pictures that are reflective, rather than those that you might see in newspapers. And we have entitled the work ANON, partly as a comment on the status of the refugees, and partly out of respect for individual's privacy and security.

So we are offering signed prints of the following images, and all proceeds will go to trusted voluntary groups working directly with refugees. Money will be used to buy food, clothing, tents and other emergency supplies, as well as provide medical and legal support.

Prints are available in 3 sizes, A5, A4 and A3. and cost £20, £35 and £50 respectively. All of the proceeds - after printing, postage and paypal fees - will go directly to assist refugees.

CLICK on thumbnails to view the selection of images.

How to buy!

Choose your image, make a note of its reference number, and then fill out the purchase form here
Print reference no's can be seen below each image when you click on the thumbnail, - eg ANON 01.

Next, choose the print size that you require from the drop down box and then click on the 'Add to Cart' button.
As soon as we receive your form and payment we will start printing!

Any problems or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!


We will get your prints out as soon as possible, but please allow a few days for printing and postage.

Recycling life jackets!

There is some excellent work happening on Lesvos to raise money for refugee work. This organisation called The Dirty Girls are recycling life jackets into these funky bags! I know how great they are because I have one!

Why not head over there now and get yours too!

Paul and I met some of the wonderful Dirty Girls when we were in Greece. They work so hard to make a difference, and could really use our support!

Thank you all so much for helping us to make a difference, we really do appreciate it! If you are interested in reading about our time in Greece here are our blogs - Paul   Maria