Amy Molloy - Actor, National Theatre of Wales

'Absolutely adore the photos!!! Favourite ever. Thank you so much I will cherish them forever. Can't wait to share them and show people your gorgeous work.'

Carlos Pons Guerra - Artistic Director/Choreographer DeNada Dance Theatre

'It was a pleasure working with you, as always, thank you for the beautiful images and for your patience and speed!'

Lorna Murray- Education Manager - Scottish Ballet

'Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Many, many thanks! What a bonus to have you take these. We are really grateful.'

Jim Culleton- Artistic Director - Fishamble

'Maria Falconer has photographed all Fishamble's productions by Pat Kinevane at Dance Base. Watching her photograph is like a performance in itself! She is a sensitive photographer, and manages to capture the most beautiful and special moments from a live performance. It is always a pleasure to work with her.'

James MacGillivray - Acting Artistic Director - Scottish Dance Theatre

'Many thanks for so many fantastic pictures of Second Coming. You have really managed to capture the essence, wit, dynamism and prowess of the piece. It was a pleasure to work with you, and I hope can again soon.'

Jennifer Patterson - Director - All of Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre

'We have been really happy with the fabulous images that Maria has produced for All or Nothing. Very easy to work with, images delivered quickly, and she gets what we are trying to do - from theatrical images, to rehearsal shots, to corporate promotional material. Would highly recommend her.'

Reg Haslam - Lancaster Photographic Society

'Maria is an educator and artist and her wise words and haunting images will shine brightly and sing loudly in the minds of our members for a very long time. The way Maria connects personally with her work, layers meaningful narrative and impact into her images, invents and sows questions, experiments and take risks, strives always to do something different, captures special moments and challenges with the unexpected, is inspirational and will hopefully influence the work of members and the questions their future work ask of our external judges.'

Thomas Small - Artistic Director, Shaper/Caper

'Thanks so much for getting these to us so quickly. It was a pleasure working with you and I'm over the moon with the images! They look fantastic! I'm definitely looking forward to the next time we work together.'

Carole McMurray, Development Editor, Elsevier Publishers

'When I asked Maria if she was able to take on some work shooting for the cover of a massage therapy book, she already came to me highly recommended. As an editor inexperienced in co-ordinating photo shoots, I was made to feel absolutely at ease by Maria, and was extremely impressed with her high levels of both enthusiasm and professionalism.

Maria has such huge passion for her work, and the fact that she also has a background in dance, fitness and bodywork, made her the perfect person for shooting body and massage shots. She has a natural gift and aptitude for 'capturing the perfect shot', and encapsulating the moment, as well as being blessed with a wonderfully warm and friendly nature.'

I was especially impressed that Maria was 'prepared to go the extra mile' to get the best result - at extremely short notice, and with an already busy schedule, she very kindly agreed to shoot some more pictures for the book knowing that I had a tight schedule to adhere to. I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. She is an exceptional photographer as well as a highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate person.'

Christine Devaney, Artistic Director, Curious Seed

'I've been meaning to get in touch to say thanks for doing such an amazing job at catching the spirit of PUSH in one showing! You have given me the very hard job of choosing which ones to use for press, website, etc. I'm really really pleased with your work and so pleased you could do it!'

Tom Prichard, Choreographer, dancer, Workshop Leader

'Maria and I first began working together five years ago, me as a performer in another's work. The ease with which I was able to inhabit the work while she photographed it made me understand how poor and brash other photographer's had been in the past. Maria is like a ghost in the room, it's wonderful to work with.
We have worked in a more detailed manner with my own work, particularly in the context of workshops. Here Maria has a presence of support for the participants, another creative aspect in the room rather than a documenter of an event. She provokes us to move forwards by bringing a clear and compassionate eye to the space. The results are always interesting, unexpected and related to far more than just the bodies in space. Environment, mood, abstraction of self all play into her work and it is reason for me to continue to try and engage her whenever an opportunity arises.'

Leoni McDonagh - Artistic Director - Pony Dance

'You are a legend, I just love the production shots and our Christmas shots are super,make me warm inside... had the great pleasure of sending them off to the venue this morning! That is a load of my mind.'

David Williams - Head of Photography, Edinburgh College of Art

'(Keep Her Unnoticed)...powerful stuff and very lyrical too. My cup of tea. Many thanks for the preview.'

James Allenby, Marketing Manager, Dancebase

'Maria's previous training in dance brings a special quality to her photography; it is clear from the results that she understands and appreciates her subject and this understanding brings movement to life in still images, a difficult skill to acquire. She is able to interact and get the best out of working with the wide variety of groups that use Dance Base from professional dancers to children or performing companies.'

Steve Memmott,

'Can I formally thank you again for coming to talk to the club yesterday evening. So different to many of the presentations we see at the club and in such a inspiring way. Personally when it cones to speakers I often admire technical skill, dedication commitment etc however what came across to me was your passion and enthusiasm. I was truly fascinated and it has made me start to rethink what I want to produce photographically.'

Merav Israel, Dance Images

'I think Maria can somehow bring out the good in people. This is what I've learned from working with different film makers and photographers - some of them make you feel like a trapped animal and some are freeing the wild animal or soft animal that is in you.'

Iona Sellars, Dance Images

'A great collection of shots. Dynamic, imaginative and a true reflection of the individuality and spontaneity that exists in our particular dance form. All of this alongside being remarkably non-intrusive in the space. Great stuff! Thanks Maria!'

Stephen Holdsworth, Portraits

'Maria has an infectious enthusiasm for all things photographic and wears her expertise lightly. Being her subject is great fun. At the same time her careful selection and arrangement of people and objects, her understanding of the space in which they sit and her ability to "read" a body or situation creates images which are true, and have depth. She's also a bit of a whiz with the technology!'

Vikki Cleal, Web Site Advertising

'Maria took some great photographs for my yoga teaching website. We met at 6am on a cold Edinburgh morning and had fun trying out different locations around the city. Maria was great fun to work with, lots of energy and enthusiasm and some brilliant, creative ideas for the photographs.'

Miriam Fogarty, Chairperson, Edinburgh, St Patricks Day Ball

'Maria Falconer provided an excellent array of photographs taken at our Annual St Patricks Day Ball. In the lead up to the event Maria was a pleasure to work with and most obliging in taking our views into account. It has been a pleasure to work with Maria, who has been approachable, reliable, hardworking and professional. The photographs were of a high quality while also being creative and imaginative. Most importantly the range of photographs very much captured the essence of the event. Maria's work comes with our highest recommendation.'

Steve McArthur, Retail & Merchandising Manager, Myton Hospice

'First time at my desk and I have just looked at the photos, they look absolutely fantastic, I can't wait to show the rest of the team!! Thank you so much once again!'

Colin Cantle, Herbalife UK

'I've just been browsing through the portfolio of images you took for the Herbalife Spring Spectacular last month. Really, really great photos - I was sat towards the front of the Lowry Theatre throughout the whole weekend, and could see you tirelessly getting the best angles, always alert to the next opportunity to capture a candid moment.'

'Your hard work has paid off in a collection of the most expressive event pictures I've seen for Herbalife UK - ours is very much a business of people and relationships, and you have reflected the individual personalities of the Distributors in the company so well with your skill and confidence.

Great work - well done!'

Kitchener's Christmas Brochure

\All brochure photography was done by Maria Falconer and she did a fantastic job. She was very professional, efficient and patient - we thoroughly recommend her!'

Rodney Stares, Corporate Heasdshots

'I needed some informal portraits for use on a number of corporate websites and by chance came in contact with Maria. With no fuss and in an impromptu setting she captured some beautful images, all to a very high standard, which besides meeting my needs opened my eyes as to what a creative photographer can achieve as opposed to a mere journeyman.'